How D21 works for women

This is an innovative exercise program that has been crafted specifically for women by one woman, a fitness enthusiast and expert. Like the designer of this program, those in the know may not agree that this is an entirely innovative exercise program. Because the philosophy and reasoning behind it has been around for many years already. Sportswomen, particularly those preparing for sprint events on the track, would already be familiar with the methodologies and purposes behind this program.

D21 has usurped aspects of what is already known to experts and practitioners as high intensity training. And now it has been brought to everyday women just like you. Its main purpose is to increase your cardiovascular fitness levels exponentially. The attraction for many, of course, is that it will escalate your chances of losing weight and excess fat.


Provided that the regime is adhered to as prescribed it will do just that. But it will also help you to lose weight and excess fat a lot faster. You begin to notice and feel the effects after two days of the first session. Positive results continue thereafter. The program is a short-term one, for three months only. It requires only three workouts per week. And these three workouts have been designed to last exactly twenty one minutes each, hence the D21 code.

The program has also been mischievously labeled as Body of Twenty One, meaning, of course, that you get to look and feel as though you are twenty one again. More specifically, the program is known as high intensity interval training, made up of a set of exercises carried out in short bursts at rates well below average intensity. The beauty of this program is that women can take it up in the comfort of their own home.